Crowdfunding project is launched!

It’s official!  The campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete and publish “Why Lawyers Suck and What You Can Do About It” by February 2014 is up and running on  I need to raise $22,000 in just over 30 days – by October 4, 2014.  Contributions have already been coming in over the weekend and I want to publicly thank the following people –

  • Jay Beams
  • Jack & Nan McCartney
  • Trisha Taniguchi
  • James Cruickshanks
  • Barbara Whisonant
  • Marty Katz
  • Carol Mutz
  • Victoria Best
  • and several other contributors who chose to remain anonymous

I also appreciate those who have been spreading the word via Facebook and elsewhere and look forward to a successful campaign.

Don’t forget to “Like” the book’s Facebook page and tell all your friends and family, and order the book if you haven’t already!